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Tea Leaves: a memoir of mothers and daughters by Janet Mason (Bella Books April 2012) is now available -- click here for more info

“There is something here for everyone who has ever loved someone else or plans to. I highly recommend “Tea Leaves” just because it is so real and so beautifully written.”–Reviews by Amos Lassen

You can reach Janet Mason at

check out Janet Mason's author blog

read Janet Mason's latest piece in The Huffington Post --Chick-fil-A: What Would Gandhi Do If He Were Gay?


Poetry of Eros A presentation of the work of Greek American poet Lili Bita and accomplished percussionist Barbara (Boom Boom) McPherson. To view this show, you must click on each slide--listed on the left hand side. Ordering information for Barbara's "Primordial Pulse" CD appears on slide number 10.

Janet Mason's poetry and fiction on the web:Woody NY Pride 09

Swell: Art, 1977
Check out the most recently published excerpt of Janet Mason's novel in progress, Hitching To Nirvana, entitled Art, 1977

Exquisite Corpse: Issue 5 A Journal of Letters and Life
poems: Sapphics for a lost longing; Sapphics for the night sky; The three wives and I; Calamity Jane: (the frontier revisited); and Holmesburg Junction.

To read Sapphics on the site, click here
To read and listen to the woman alone poems on the site, click here.

Exquisite Corpse: Issue 11 A Journal of Letters and Life
A chapter (an early draft) from Janet Mason's novel in progress, Hitching To Nirvana, published as
a short story entitled "The Dolorous City." Reviews -- Lee Anne Phillips reviews Janet Mason's collection of poetry When I Was Straight.

Telling Moments: Autobiographical Lesbian Short Stories-- This anthology, edited by Lynda Hall,
includes a chapter from Janet Mason's Tea Leaves: a memoir of mother's and daughters.

EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts -- a woman alone and other poems by Janet Mason

Janet Mason's reviews and interviews on the web:

Margaret Mead--The Gay and Lesbian Review (Harvard University Press)
"Going Native" is a review of Intertwined Lives: Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict & Their Circle by Lois W. Banner.

Emily Dickinson--
"Open Me Carefully" (Paris Press), a explanation of Emily's lesbian life in letters and poems, reviewed by Janet Mason.
Janet Mason's essay on the lesbian Emily Dickinson is referenced in
The Dickinson House (Amherst) by Janet Mason

Gertrude Stein & Alice B.
Janet Mason reviews "Baby Precious Always Shines: Selected Love Notes Between Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas.

Coming Out
Janet Mason reviews "A Woman Like That: Coming Out Stories," edited by Joan Larkin (from St. Martins Press).
In this interview with Cool For You readings/appearances & former presidential candidate Eileen Myles, Janet Mason likens her to a "lesbian hero."

Janet Mason reviews Cool For You, published by Soft Skull Press

A Section of Friends-- innovative websites to check out!!!

Click here to visit Joanne Brown's fabulous design site -- be sure to check out her latest work and the link to the Northern Liberty Recreation Center (in Philadelphia) -- featuring a flash intro with audio and photographs of the kids at the center.

Read Alexandra Grilikhes novel Yin Fire in its entirety on Google Books.
Read poetry by Alexandra Grilikhes on
Read Sapphics by Alexandra Grilikhes by Janet Mason

Check out Maralyn Lois Polak's brilliant new blog -- AFTER WOIK!! HOPE, HEALING, & HELP FOR DOWNSIZED WORKERS

click here for Maralyn's poetry on

Rosemary Petracca Cappello
Poet and editor of Philadelphia Poets. To read an excerpt from Hitching To Nirvana, a novel by Janet Mason, published in Philadelphia Poets, click here...

click here to read Rosemary's most recent poem on

Kathy Anderson's new website
Playwright, fiction writer, and poet, Kathy Anderson has just introduced her new website--with news of her recent plays and awards. Be sure to check it out!

Click here to read Kathy's poems on

Wailing With the Wolves: the Words of Judith K. Witherow
This site features writing and art by and about Judith K. Witherow, a Native American Indian lesbian poet, essayist, storyteller, photographer and activist.

Click here to read Judith's essay My mother, your mother.

Susan Stinson's LiveJournal

Susan Stinson's Venus of Chalk reviewed on

Damian McNicholl's blog. Damian McNicholl is the readings/appearances of A Son Called Gabriel .
He writes in this section of his blog about meeting Janet Mason.

Gloria D. Rohlfs is a results-getting life coach and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. Check out her By Region Page. Click here to read her essay "My Mother's Death."

Ed Hermance, of Giovanni's Room. Support our Independent Lesbian, Gay, and feminist bookstore,
click here.





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author books poetry about audio/ site map submit Tea Leaves: mothers & daughters links/contact readings/appearances